Workshop & Lecture Contract Details

Thank you for your interest! Please contact me via email to discuss the program and agree on a date. I’ll then send you my contract that details the topic(s), time, and expectations for the event.

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I am now booking workshops for Spring 2024 and beyond.

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Kimberley Cartwright

Hiring Information

Details for In-Person and Online Events

Lecture/trunk show, in-person and online events, 60-90 minutes: $350
Full day workshop, in-person and online events for up to 20 people, 6 hours: $600
Half day workshops, 3 hours: $400
No minimum engagement required
*Up to 10 extra participants may be added at $35 per participant.

Travel and Accommodation Details for In-Person Events Outside traveling from Raleigh/Durham International Airport

*Meals, hotel lodging and travel expenses required.
*Meals are charged at the per diem rate of $75 per day, including travel days.
*Travel reimbursements include airfare, public transportation to/from my home airport, baggage fees, and reasonable hotel accommodation.
*I book my own airfare.
*A projector & screen (or HDMI TV) are required for lectures and technology workshops along with electricity and extension cords.
*I will use my own laptop. No projector is needed for sewing workshops.
*A few tables are helpful to set up and share my patterns, quilts, templates, and additional resources

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